Wedding Planning

The Villa San Juan Capistrano | Green Wedding Shoes

Blake and I were so excited to be a part of a shoot recently with our wedding photographer friend, Brian LaBrada, and a great team he pulled together.  We shot at the Villa San Juan Capistrano, which is a magical place in itself, even before the amazing decor, florals, hair and makeup happened.  It was special for Blake and I to get to do together, as it cam[...]

San Clemente Bridal Shoot

A few weeks before my own (real-life) wedding, I got to join a wedding-vendor-dream-team at the cutest venue for a pretend fall wedding ;).  I'm pretty excited that the shoot was featured on Wedding Chicks yesterday, so I wanted to share it with you!  If you're getting married this fall, take note of this amazing decor and the beautiful florals! Scroll th[...]

Will you be my flower girls?

Crowning Tae and Vivian as our flower girls was a no-brainer, especially after they both wore princess dresses to our engagement breakfast the morning after Blake proposed! Taelin Jean Hansen is my (Jen's) sister Tahni's little girl, and Vivian is Blake's brother Michael's.  They will make a pretty good team! To ask them to be flower girls, I found a c[...]