Packing for NYFW

I'm in the midst of packing for NYFW (I leave to New York tomorrow!!) and here are some of the essentials I'm bringing. Portable Phone Ch...

Date Night in Seattle

Since I'm from Seattle, a lot of times when we visit we just hang with family and don't get out to explore the city much.  This trip, Blake ...

Blake's 32nd

Happy birthday to Blake!!!  Yesterday was Blake's 32nd birthday, and we celebrated throughout the weekend.  Instead of planning a party like...

Get Under

Fishing is on the rise. Big time. Anytime I jump on Instagram and get my scroll on, I'm guaranteed to run into a variety of fishing posts. F...

Rivers & Roads

Last week I linked up with a couple friends and headed to the Provo River. Originally I wanted to shoot some photos for People Water of thes...

Working in Puerto Rico

This Saturday morning, I happen to be in Puerto Rico!  I'm here for work, but so excited to see and experience a new place since I've never ...

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